Nocturne - Pyrrhic Victory

Текст песни Nocturne - Pyrrhic Victory

Tonight I stand before you to bring you a sense of dignity, a sense of pride. Together we shall stand in unity and in strength. We will unite, under my command, as one. This nation is made not of fear, this army is made not of cowards. We are a powerful creation, and all that is on our minds is to destroy. Now is the time to prepare yourselves, we are nothing unless we conquer, and conquer we shall.

My supremacy will never fail
We will not die!

Those of you who choose to stand alone, will suffer alone, and perish...alone.

And those of you who choose to defy my command, how dare you?! I am your leader, I've raised you, and I own you. Tonight, we will unify and take what is rightfully ours. We will push their government into the sea, and the sea will turn red from their blood. This nation is constructed of strength and power. There is nothing we cannot do. We will fight until no man, woman, or child is left alive. This world will be ours.

My authority will never fail.
We will not die!

As your ruler, I command each and every one of you to arm yourselves, leave your homes, kiss your children goodbye. You are now a member of this army, with a mission to destroy. This shall be the greatest massacre in the history of the earth. We will enslave them! We will abolish them! We will bury them! Our victory will be their declivity. And then, and only then can we feel a sense of honor, a sense of triumph. I will, ladies and gentlemen, live to see this. I will live to watch them fall, I will watch them go down...
Go down...

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