Nocturne - Underworld

Текст песни Nocturne - Underworld

Once again the night's disturbed
The subtle tremors won't subside
The distant cries can now be heard
The vast and empty dreams collide
Silence falls like shattered glass
The cracks branch out unsparingly
The strength within wants to collapse
To consolidate this atrophy

It's taking over
It's taking over

And I'm engulfed within the noise
I'm surrounded by the screams
The voices calling, shrieking,
clawing at the entrophy

And so I lie here and wait...and wait...
For darkness to erode my spinning mind

It's taking over
It's taking over

A sudden change within the dark
It all came crashing to the ground
The fear was coming to life
And it was me that it had found
And I couldn't tear away
All my screams could not be heard
I've entered now
The Underworld

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