Nocturne - Vortex

Текст песни Nocturne - Vortex

(Music and Lyrics by Chris Telkes)

I see it happening now
Ethics fade and morals twisting
I see it happening now
Truth decayed and conscience burning

I don't think that was blood
Coursing through those fragile veins
It seems that conceit and hate
Are the only things that make it to the brain
Spit out by the heart
Pumping and hissing without control
The resulting product was cold and dead
Just another mutation at an animal freakshow
Spit out by the heart
Cast into the veins so cold
Put another knife to the throat

Of those laughing at me cause I don't have a soul

Have you ever wondered why the god-freaks
Screaming at you beside the homeless on the street
Can never find the love
To give the down some food or a place to sleep
Spit out by the heart
These, the ones that just don't care
A man falls to his knees dying before you
And you walk right past like he's not even there

Raise your glass as the whole world suffers
Turn and laugh at the faceless others
Steal and kill and lose what's found
Murder is what makes the world go round

Murder is what makes the world go round

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