NOFX - Bleeding Heart Disease

Текст песни NOFX - Bleeding Heart Disease

How many pollutedmy mind
Dough what our lives are lived for
Rae just a crazy aussie
Me the generation forges on
Fodder for corporations
Sewwing our lips together
LA such a nice plact to get shot
But don't forget the T it
Follows liber in the the constitution
Following the part about pursuit
of happiness the bi product
of colonial precious metal
mine extracts which
brings us back
to dough
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do

Today I saw a kid torture a cat
Too much leisure
Teenage Norman Rockwell
paints it black!
How did the chain get started
More is what everyone wants
Neydy is what none of us are
Co-operation died last night
Me, I'm just a loo
So don't expect the best you won't be disapointed when you take
A bite and watch the worm crawl back inside. Listen to the
fairy tales of million dollar happiness, Los Angeles lifestyles
drinking chardanay over a lobster salad brunch
The pursuit of million dollar happiness
Happiness was killed we watched it bleed, some say it died fromhate
Some say from bleeding heart disease

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