NOFX - My Orphan Year

Текст песни NOFX - My Orphan Year

My father had dementia
He lied in bed for months
Once in a while he'd call me
And ask me to fly down
I told him that I'd love to
But I had things to do
And so he died without his son
I heard about it drunk after a show

My mother battled cancer
For over seven years
I nursed her and I held her
When time was running out
The night before she left me
I drank scotch all night
And thanked her for everything she'd done
Raising me alone wasn't much fun

Dad I can forgive you,
But I'll never forget,
Months I wouldn't see you and when I did
You'd be out with your friends all night
Alone and only nine
I watched the outer limits
And scared out of my mind
I wonder if you felt the same
The days before you died
I wonder if you even knew
Why I wouldn't come around
I bet if you had been there,
There wouldn't be this song

2006 goodbye parents
For once I am sincere
2006 my orphan year

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