NOFX - Pods And Gods

Pods And GodsNOFX2:57

Текст песни NOFX - Pods And Gods

Martian men are coming to earth
they're abducting all of the jerks,
Martian men are coming to earth
Martian men, don't take me

Pods are landing from outer space
Pods are duplicating my face
Pods are landing from outer space
Pods they leave me alone

I don't know what conventions you go to
I don't know what movies you've seen
I don't wanna hear explainations of unexplainable things.

It's not that I don't belive in aliens
It's just, I really dont care.
I wouldn't mind some interplanetary freinds
until they come I'll hang in my own hemisphere

Holy ghost is coming to Earth

Saving souls of all of the jerks
The holy ghost is coming to earth
Savior man don't save me

The number 1 son is flippin the tab
payin for sins and under your hat
the number 2 son is flippin the bill
let me chip in for the tip

I dont understand why you beg for forgiveness
Just b4 you do it again
Is it more altruistic to worship
or actually help fellow man?

Its not that I don't belive in Jesus Christ
Its just I care about other things
the world could certianly use some miracles,
until then I'll put my faith in human beings.

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