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The Irrationality Of RationalityNOFX2:32

Текст песни NOFX - The Irrationality Of Rationality

Frank, the new CEO had to answer to the board.
The board was getting anxious, and the shareholders were
on a bed, legs in air, ass-cheeks open wide
They were about to get fucked like it was their first time.
When one makes 20 million, ten thousand people lose.
What keeps that one from swallowing a shotgun?

Dan, the company man, felt loyalty to the core.
After 16 years of service, and a family to support
He actually started to believe the weaponry and chemicals were for national defense.

'Cause Danny had a mortgage, and a boss to answer to.
The guilty don't feel guilty, they learn not to.

Helen is living in her car, trying to feed her kids.
She got laid off at work, and her house was repossessed.
It's hard to think clearly when it's 38 degrees.
Desperate people have been known to render desperate deeds.
But when she shot that family and moved into their home,
The paper read she suffered from dementia.

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