Non Phixion - Big Don Vincenzo

Текст песни Non Phixion - Big Don Vincenzo

What's up kid, Big Don Vincenzo, pushin the Benz-o
Loaded with endo, limo tint around the windows
I'm on these sacks, we max like million dollar slacks
Coked up, ready to run a hundred mile track
Passing the buildings, smokin my ganja plant with children
Like Dennis Hopper, rappin about zebras and Sicilians
Predicting stardom like a swami
I'm all about cold cuts, a t-bone soft red, and fly pastrami
Eatin hearty like Luke Abrasi, I gotta call Billy back
To hit me with Sonys, Fishers, and 'Tachis
Off the truck with silk Versace, it all be criminal
Drug residual, my flows be stoned like the chemical

Gold fanatic, shootin beats like an addict
Peace to all my shooters with gun stats who make it magic
Bucktown goes BIZARRE
Killin fraudulent MC's who be up in drag like Jamie Farr
To the max, I keep it, rugged for days
PJ's be like amazed, got these niggaz in a verbal haze
Goretex Mussolini, rockin zuchini
My classic hip-hop's equivalent to Pagnini
Parmegan and baked ziti, puffin cases of beadie
with cracker bitches, who look a lot like Ally Shedi
Shit is real dunn, hook up killings with guns
So give up your funds, next time you see me on the route

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