Non Phixion - Criminal

Текст песни Non Phixion - Criminal

They claim that I'm a criminal...
But they the ones that be sellin crack on the streets (on the streets)

They claim that I'm a criminal...
But they the ones that be bustin gats at my peeps (at my peeps)

They claim that I'm a criminal...
But they the ones committin crime around my way

They claim that I'm a criminal...
I should've been a cop then I'd be a criminal the right way

Verse 1 [ill bill]
The fuck is wrong with you money? dont you overstand, the police is the first and only legalized gang
FUCK the FBI, they ain't in my backyard with gats, its the cops that be all up in my business like that
You fuckin devil, you make me wanna kill you, blast you up, throw you in a garbage bag and seal you
But the real truth is I can't even do no shit like that, I'm not a murderer, thats your job. Thats where you get your cash out. Respect that? never. You devils think youre clever. but it won't last forever, cause we gonna get together, and when that happens yo its gonna be some wild shit. You think the riot in L.A. was fucked up? yo watch this. its like, terrorism multiplied by three hundred and sixty , look around now paw, we burnin down the whole city, fuck it, lets cause a civil war kill em all. we hit the precinct near the barber shop, right behind the mall

Verse 2 [goretex]
They claim their basic mission
Is to protect life and property
Enforce laws through capitalist policy
Stiffens economy
That's prophecy
Killin brothers with no apology
Ive tried to be fair, even with 10 of them there
I'm suspect
Complaints are useless to the PBA
Until you DOA the organized force like triple K
Satantic enemy
Evil attorney
Corrupt pay-offs
And job lay-offs
We're the badge-preferred clergy


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