Non Phixion - sleepwalkers

Текст песни Non Phixion - sleepwalkers


Sleepwalkers, sleepwalkers
Sleepwalkers, sleepwalkers
Tricked by the devil to feel inferior

Sleepwalkers, sleepwalkers
Sleepwalkers, sleepwalkers
Tricked by the devil to feel inferior

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]

I walk through chat rooms with gats, blast Internet cats
Syntax error, my attache case carry terror
Battle us is like the All Star Game
I’m coming at you like I hacked Kareem Abdul-Jamar’s brain
And Jordan on my team
It’s no justice, carry a piece, at least one clip
This bitch that fumbled my dick and watched the cum drip
I’m too righteous, ? like these are crack pipers
We blast ciphers, alien raps and sci-fi flicks
We scientists, the real men in black, your friends are wack
Need like ten gats to fuck with one rap, now where the fuck my thugs at?
Now I’ll blast the pork out your ham radio calling damage control
Your label’s the pimp and you’re the average ho
We Non Phixion space pirates during race riots slay tyrants
Sneak up and inject em with AIDS virus
Display violence like television pilots
Raise your eyelids and wake the fuck up like fire truck sirens


[Verse 2: Goretex]

Who’s gonna wear the number when time ends?
It’s world slaughter, fuck it I’m out to survive raising my son and daughter
Extorting your crib like I’m a lifer in Comstock

Enforce kids, pigs bleed dick with extra ribs
It’s why we shooting cops, big dollar Democratic donor
Cruise missiles extend, your hot flesh becomes aroma
Sheltered fate, we dip the war paint, secret handshakes
Three on the meat hook, watch em elevate, we off to airbase
My bookcase is God leaving y’all scarred
Tore plans pulling your card, it seems odd
Like street bands playing the wrong notes, blow up the cab stand
Fuck ? fornicating with goats
San Salvador style is how we slitting their throats
It only takes half a second to discover my quotes
Something holy like this, B’nai B’rith fatigue shit
Abraham’s plan Maccabee fam don’t get vicked


[Verse 3: Sabac Red]

Power forces toss lessons of oppression, transgression
Dark perception, perfection, do away with lethal injection
They called the section A, racists succeed, choose nine
Divide minds, undermine ? they come at you with the white lines on paper
Brooklyn sewers release that deadly vapour, ?
To clean their system professor with nicotine
? third eyes white lies, dark sky spies
A nations ripped through ?
Forcefield shields to protect the innocent from phony militant
We throw math at you, and step all over your character
Preach on Africa, if they kill Mumia watch the struggle turn to massacre
While you getting prostitutes and drinking wine up in the Sheraton
I just came from a sweat lodge with twelve Native Americans
It’s evident you’re upset again, Non Phixion bringing the evidence
Till the Sun set again let it be said again yo even shot the presidents
All the weapons, acquired wars, crucifying slander
False prophets watch Sabac ? propaganda


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