Northstar - Ducky

Текст песни Northstar - Ducky

Oh you'll love her (repeats all throughout)

[Intro: Christ Bearer]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
As in the, yo , yo, yo, yo, yo
Let me tell you third about the homie Ducky
Yo, yo

[Christ Bearer]
I once had a little homeboy named Ducky
Moved to the 'Beach from the east to Kentucky
Never had a clue what the red, what the blue
Ol' hood, power rule, always lookin' for a crew
A click, a hood, a set, he truly a tranformer transformed off the wet
I've seen him in the Springdale projects
Wit the Rex and little Bob lookin' for the mob
And in the hood, or the park eyes glued
Would keep the PCP in the Backwood
I said Ducky You done did a 360
Turned, went to Sherm, and dust like pixie
Lookin' all sucked up off the Bill Bixby
Trooper, why you always stay soluted with the sticky
He said For ho's now I'ma just chill in my dickies, eat quickies and kick flows
Smokin' water and Optimo
I'm from the embalmed farm to a lot of ho's
You know them niggaz on that first got it
All day, Hannah, get your brains rotted
I said, Buddy I'm cool on a lovely
And too much of anything makes you nutty
He drove off in the powder-blue Cutty
Tigers gon' ball and his rims all muddy
Young Ducky could've really been a star
Goin' somewhere, 'till he copped a jar

Singin' themes comin' up from the ground and the good bar
Asshole naked wit a guitar, you know Ducky?

[Meko the Pharaoh]
I know D-u-c-k-y
He used to let off shots when he got really high
Movin' through the streets with a potent ass eye
Love givin' 'em sticks 'till he losts his mind
Why oh why oh Ducky?
How you lose your mind when you was so lucky?
Knowin' that the streets could touch ye
But always had to have that lovely
At first it was alright with me
Until I start seein' the side of things
Had a hot rat stack, blew my brains back
Had a nigga thinkin' where the milk at?
But ol' Ducky been there, done that
He thought he had it mastered like a fuckin' chap
Smokin' on sticks back to back
Like the Lakers, Kobe and Shaq
Until the day he hit the lotto off the rack
And never came back to his self again
Real shit that be happenin', in the hood off of dipped real good

[Outro: Christ Bearer (Meko the Pharaoh) {Both}]
Young Ducky, (Young Ducky), Young Ducky
(Young Ducky), Young Ducky, (Young Ducky)
Young Ducky, (Young Ducky), Young Ducky
(Young Ducky), Young Ducky, (Young Ducky)
Young Ducky, (Young Ducky), Young Ducky
(Young Ducky), {Young Duck, Young Duck
Young Duck, Young Duck}

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