Not Long After - Through With Heartbreak

Текст песни Not Long After - Through With Heartbreak

One more time, one more lie, another day and lonely night, same old game with a different face, one more heart a girl could break. So please, go away, I don't want to see you anyway, we're just a bunch of guys trying to find someone for us, don't break my heart,don't break my heart. One lost word, and one bad stare, pretty blue eyes can't hide the tears, we fall so fast, it hurts so bad, when silence brews a heart gone mad, so please, come my way, I just want to hear the words you say, where did you go, whats wrong with you, why do you say the things you do, and theres goes my heart. She's so cool, she's so right, the way she looks and her eyes, and all the guys agree, she smiles beautifully, the perfect girl, in so many minds, never good enough to try, come back another day. through with heartbreak anyway..

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Not Long After - Through With Heartbreak?

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