Nothingface - Blue Skin

Blue SkinNothingface4:18

Текст песни Nothingface - Blue Skin

I got my green eyes
I got my glass high
I got my thunder and it's rolling straight up inside
She's got the real shit
Gave me a facelift
We got this spaceship and we're just a dot in the sky

Into the sun
Return as nothing

I got machine guns
And yes they're lots of fun
We got some bullets and we're mowin' everybody down
I got my blue skin
And eat my dinner in sin
I got my pride now and I'm all shook up inside

Into the sun
Return as nothing

My mother said that we're all angels

But I swear I saw the evil
Evil that bleeds from the sky (from the sky)
So I can't help you now
You saved it for yourself
But you stole everything
So you can see it when you
Wake up
You know there is no one to worship
So... fuck her, fuck him, fuck you, fuck...

They'll kill everyone, we've got to stop them!

... Off into the sun
Return as nothing

We will spread to every continent and devour every living thing on this Earth

Into the sun
Return as nothing

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