Nothingface - So Few

So FewNothingface4:11

Текст песни Nothingface - So Few

i alone
cry beside her
pushed away
once too often
face that lie
vision changes
shade is ice
the words are poison

changes made now why can't i
fill the face in the mirror
what i want still you won't give
but i cannot hate you

oh, you're a monster

blood alone
stains the sorry
tired eyes
my skin seems heavy
mind astray
the sane still laughing
all worth losing

changes made now can't i
fill the face in the mirror
what i want still you won't give
but i cannot hate you

oh, you're a monster. you don't know
the hate i have
inside, if you could see it you'd be
terrified, you would
kill me at once. but even by killing
me you can't free
yourself from my hatred. you can
kill my body
but i'll never leave you in peace...

you cannot believe what your in for
the screams burn your eyes
the feeling of leaving yourself dies
scratch out the real you
time ticking away the killing
choking on sorrow

now you're dead and didn't listen
gave into the fear

i'm not the one who takes from you
i need you
in time there is no joy
but still you've lived
i just can't see when i lie
i am

so few like them
in the way

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