Notorious B. I. G. - Hustler's Story

Текст песни Notorious B. I. G. - Hustler's Story

feat. Akon

Akon... and B-I-G

Niggaz talkin but aint livin it
cristyle pac i'm sippin it
mobb hats and lizard shit
gator talks bitch, rollin blunts wit the wheelist of da wheelies
hitch link cop, on 1s and nine millis, stories like a motherfucker
model bitchs wonderin if i'ma fuck wit her, she noe i treat my bitches like gavana
dolce and gabana drippin, big poppa neva slippin
H class diamonds shining, dinner with wifey whining, dining
smokin cigars and bolbatar with columbian niggas named panama and engrigay and shit
games we play life envy, bitches need 2 ova with ease 4 a pam of skinote jeans
i got my carrot tank top i got your banked stopped, sofa's on top
benjamins under the rest of them
advancing from duplex 2 mansion
staching keys, hiding g's ova seas, vcr's in my beat

game on my , money i make into stocks and real estate bitch
trip skiing in the caribean, white sand discusing plans with my man,
dark blue land, smoke tint, crome rims
and a system that leave my rear views trembling
whatchu gone do wen poppa catch your attitude,
drop 2 your knees and show gratitude
kiss my ring its a fred white thing
i stay potent, bitches devoted take my dick and deep throat it

[Akon - Chorus]
akon all sunshine, in this elevated world of mine
lookin for this hour glass of time
tryna find my purpose on this grand design
is there anybody out there living
4, 5, 6's on the streets they shootin
is there any money out ther for me
u just listen 2 this hustler's story

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