Novembers Doom - A Dirge Of Sorrow

A Dirge Of SorrowNovembers Doom5:00

Текст песни Novembers Doom - A Dirge Of Sorrow

Bury my face in rotten love once sweet. Engulfed in kisses of
utmost devotion. My conscience tells me to leave it all behind as
I wander into a world of heartache. To remember once, a life
shared by two. In the midnight air, the love was ours. To my
surprise, It's now only mine as my blind eyes sparkle in
twilight...Alone. Now I speak to your grave in a childish voice as

a burning passion entwines me. An elephant caught in the spiders
web, I'm at a loss without you. I rest my head upon your stone and
caress engravings of thought. All that's left is remembrance of
life. Is it to late to say good-bye?

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