Novembre - Marea (Part 1,2,3)

Текст песни Novembre - Marea (Part 1,2,3)

[Part 1 - Nostalgia / it's Gaze]

E' come impazzire in un mare dorato

Anguish at the everlasting waters we feel
Staring at the darkest parts of the blue sea's eyes

It blinds by us by it's silence left a widower by a winter
Which can never melt the icy salt of it's waves

And left orphans by warm snows we go insane
At your ancient resigned gaze

The golden swords of the sun can't even scratch
Your intense mixture of silver and blue

Which deified our ancestors
Which witnessed science's temples
Which carefully hides the island of the ancient future
Which kept the melancholic secrets of countless mortals

[Solo: Massimiliano]

[Part 3 - Behind my Window / My Seas of South]

And now that the cold has returned
Where's my window
From which I used to dominate
The world?

My grey, bleak, azure world
A world without no wars
A world where I could even fly

Now I know live doesn't belong to these lands
It flies free above all this
I could see it from behind my window
Bringing me that happiness which wet the eyes

Where are my seas of south which wet the eyes now?
Where is my window now that the cold has returned?

[Solo: Carmelo]

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