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Текст песни Novembre - Verne

Sarah, we once faltered
as you froze that
morning omen
and you told them
and you warned them
that the sky turned red
above them

Sarah it’s said, same rain
doesn’t fall down twice.
Days, gone by,
come back as the morning light

A colourless demise rises
and the only shelter I used to know
is gone lost out of sight

(repeat refrain)

Sarah of the wonders
of the wonders
made of wonders

Venivi dall’atrio del cuore
portando le chiavi del sole
domani faremo l’amore
e niente potrà mai cambiare

(You came from the heart’s hall
Bringing the keys for the Sun
Tomorrow we’ll make love

And nothing will ever change)

Di questo rimase il rumore
d’un sogno che come nel mare
si infrange su nere scogliere
d’un nero che può cancellare

(Of all this, only the noise remained
Of a dream crushing on black cliffs
So black as to be annihilating)

Si dice che il sogno dell’uomo
è far sì che il proprio domani
sia senza calar del Sole
ma dimmi com’è senz’amare?

(It’s said a man’s dream
Is to let his own tomorrow
Be without sundown
But tell me, how’s it possible without love?)

Ma i sogni son figli del cuore
creati in quanto dolore
spogliati della lor ragione
per questo mandati a morire

(But dreams are sons of the heart
because they are created in pain
Stripped of their reason to be
Then sent out to die)
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