Now You See Here Marryanne - Fuck You

Текст песни Now You See Here Marryanne - Fuck You

I have gotten used to you making fun of me, The only thing I don't understand is why cant you just let me be? I think youre great and whos to blame, Though you say no one listened to you before I came, I think youre wrong, people do listen to you you just dont know it, One minute its go away, the next minute you say Im cooler than shit. Well I can only take so much, So when I stop something, dont make such a fuss! I don't think you understand what Im all about, Yet deep inside I am filled with remorce and great doubt. You dont know how I write my book, So basically when you call me a freak its all in the look. Its in my clothes, its in my hair, all though you make fun it still saddens me when youre not there. Even more, it hurts to know that you dont care. I dont want our friendship to just go, Theres so much there and so you know. You seem to radiat with a vibrant glow. You have probably heard this all before, I am just simpl making sure that you know this is so.
There are so many features that i just adore probably because your the oppisette of a boaryet i feel that we are drifting everyday

I write my poetry because I cannot speak, its because im afraid and oh so weak. Im worried that youll hate me forever, yet we should truly be together. Threes a feeling deep inside of me, i dont know what it is but it floats as if it was dwelling in the sea. I dont know what it is but its basaed on you, A plantation of feeling so you see why you can maike me blue I have felt this wayabout very few, now that i think about it it was only you. i just wanted you to know that thres more to me than what you see, youve got so much potenital it sets me free...

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