Now You See Here Marryanne - High School

Текст песни Now You See Here Marryanne - High School

Everyone’s happy because it’s time to leave,
But for some reason I see people crying so hard they can’t breathe.
If you’re so happy then why are you crying?
You have mixed emotions and there’s no denying,
That it’s time to move on,
Although it’s hard to say so long.
I never pictured seeing myself here,
All sad and trembling with fear.
Because something bigger and better is soon to be near,
And yeah you’re excited but still you shed a tear.
You think back on the memories, both good and bad,
You think back on the times when you were happy and sad.
You think about all that you’ve gained and so little you missed,
You think “what if” and then you think about all that you wished.
It’s misleading about how you feel,
So puzzling that you think, “is this for real?”
But still you move on with your friends and foes,
As you sit at your graduation sitting in rows.
Looking around at the people you know,
You spot your best friend and your first bow.
You just nod your head thinking, “I’ll see you again”,

You spot your best friend that you knew since you were ten.
Some of us move and some of us alter,
You just hope that you don’t faulter.
Because high school is soon to come and trust me it’s real,
And it’s indescribable how you feel.
Some of us don’t want to show what we keep inside,
We're all so fragile so don’t let things hide.
Everyone’s nervous, everyone’s scared,
Don’t worry you wont always feel impaired.
And sometimes crying is the only thing to do,
Because inside, you know I'm crying too.
Now you think about when you smiled,
And how you kept all your thoughts filed.
Maybe now you should let them show,
Before your special someone has to go.
I've forgotten some of the stupid things that I've done,
I’ve forgotten some of the times I should have stayed yet run.
I thank god, for my bad memory, I’ve forgotten some of the mean things that rolled off my tongue,
But overall, I was happy. And overall I had a whole lot of fun

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