Noxious Emotion - Eye-Claw

Текст песни Noxious Emotion - Eye-Claw

From nominal readings I shall grow
Becoming what I should be
From nothing I will bloom out
And confront the realm of the unseen
I am not trapped completely within a pure thought
Strained, shall now impeed
I cannot faulter from this path
They do not want me to succeed
A plead to realize my nature
Not just see what they've contrived
Human beings need to live through acts
Not through social stimuli derived
Can we get on with the main feature?
We should be using all our advantages
And yet we procrastinate
Too busy filling our minds with static
Too busy believing the truth they tell you
Main frame psychosis in spasms
Twitching to the static

Do you believe?
Yet, take one more dose of the superficial
Don't question, it's not your place
Welcome to this network
You must move when told
You must accept when activated
It's what you've been raised up to do
Free will, archaic and vain
What makes you think you're so special?
Structure to a purpose
Slave to the state of order
What makes you think I'm speaking of the future?
1984 was a decade ago
The only reason you think you are alternative
Is because the state has allowed it
Supression through pre-packaged, steril assumptions
That you could be yourself
You can't

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