Noxious Emotion - Fiction

Текст песни Noxious Emotion - Fiction

A line is drawn
Razor cut
Slit wrist
Slit nose
Rush to the finish line
Concentrated train of thought
Eye of the needle
The needle of illusion
Colors race, flashing light
Everything is vibrating with sound
Florescent light surrounds your skin
Brain, non-complacent, within hot
I'll kill you
Founded hatred scene
Melt the grey matter in your skull
Beat, repeat
Second verse same as the first
Stalk the rodent

Rely on carnal instincts
Red meat blood flows
Hunt down the exiled
Devour for the flavor
Please show restraint
No smiles as we destroy self gratify
Rationalize it
A new world order
A little yellow rock and roll
Two types of social stance
Those who do as commanded
Those who command those who do just a little
Blow for her and anyone can get her
She gives it away freely with the correct sequence code
A finally to dance to requiem for the earth
Strangle the feeble with religion
Accept, conform self gratify
Rationalize it
A new world order

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