Nu Generation - Love & Swag

Текст песни Nu Generation - Love & Swag

[Hook: GrK]

Girl I know you (Girl)
Girl I know you (Girl)
Girl I know you love my swagg (Swagg) x2

[Verse 1: Kryptonic]

She a yellow bone
I call her Ultra-Mel
I won't stop, till the last drop
Her curves drive me crazy
My swagger is insane
Like im a Martian, shout out to Tunechi, yeah that nigger crazy
I know she got me lazy, I know she got me crazy, reminiscing about our future, it's brighter than a star, we Nu generation, the girls love my swag, my chick is bad, she say I drive her mad with all this small talk, I say you must be tripping coz I bunny hop, she a natural, Nicki Minaj you got some competition, no plastic surgery, yeah she got me, no yeah she got me, I'm all locked up in these love chains, I ain't got no keys, she cursed me with her dope swag, now I'm on that dope tip, coz she a fashion killer, I'm just another nigger on these streets, everyday, trying find some bread, trying find success

[Verse 2: Wonder Boy]

My love came by Tshiamo kept on going
Now Zandile i hope she drives by
Bt all in all she digs ma swagg
Crazy Wonder you know my name
Looking all fly I'm back in the game
I'm so pimped like i own the fame
B.I.G girls they know their man
5 baby mamas call me king Wonder
I own the team of lil' king juniors
Call me boss coz i got swagg
All the gals love me call me call me cool j
Swagger 2 times like 2 day
Brown eyes with a tupei
You got no swagg like 2face
I'm ayt you are a duface
Stunnamayne you just killed a nigger
You broke truth i pull a trigger

You bout see some jeeper scripperz
No revenge but just watch your back
I'm a real i ain't gonna slack
Wonder Boy ain't no looking back


[Verse 3: GrK]

Hello hi girl, how you doing? My name is GrK
My swagg so dim I was told I need Jesus Storm clouds may gather and stars
May collide, but I love you, until the
End of time. More swagg cut back uh' on those punchlines Ke thloka ngwanyana mo bophelong ba ka. The odds are never in our favour baby girl
Like damn ,my words are faded I'm trying get to 9 but I'm in the state of mind. Swagg so deep I could drown a life guard. Her eyes are closed but she's looking at the mirror damn,I miss the girl Wanga!

[Verse 4: Wonder Boy]

She like WB
Here we go again
Why i did it you can never understand
Same time we gonna do it again
Then she ask me lets skip a day
I'm yea now u wanna bail on me
Screw your mama n grand ma Madea
I know you love my money
And you dig my swagg
Now lets get crazy like we on the bed (damn)
I go crazy now x3
Yall niggas need to pay me now
I go crazy now x3
Yall niggas need to pay me now


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