Nufan - Life Size Mirror

Текст песни Nufan - Life Size Mirror

she was gone before a start
always mending broken hearts
making others miserable, not
knowing who she's hurting
father said:this day would be,
one for everyone to see
is this true you'll follow suits and have
you learned a thing?

It's just a selfish way to go
it's safe to say she'll never know
for every person there's a whole
life story
waiting to be told
when she is happy it's ok
but when these people start to fade
then we'll just watch her self-destruct as she gets old

she put up defensive shields
to walk through all of life's minefieds
all defined by make-up and a car behind she's hiding
father do you have to go,
left me questions, i don't know
any answers or ever close the life time
lie was true

she's gonna move on with her life
and take it one heart at a time
and watch the little girl inside her
wait behind as she goes on
but with this black heart she decides
who she'll take in and shove aside
until the day she sees that everyone has gone

getting used to people leaving
thinking true love is deceiving
soon she'll know how lonely it can be.

now was it really worth the pain?
a couple pills make her feel sane
while she lives out the story
written for the part she is to play
with so much shame for her to hide
there's no more dignity, no pride
then there will only be dark in her light of day

and she will only see a reflection
of her father's rejection
nothing will change until she breaks
this life,
this life size mirror------

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