Nylons - Prince of Darkness

Текст песни Nylons - Prince of Darkness

Be gone, prince of darkness

Be gone, prince of darkness

You have no power

You have no power

Be gone

Be gone

I woke from a dream to a rumble of thunder

Not heard but perceived from within

A feeling inside that just cant be denied

Says the countdown is soon to begin

But in the darkest hour the human spirit

Sings ancient songs to me

The tyrants will gather to worship their master

But he will be brought to his knees


Be gone, prince of darkness

You have no power here

Be gone, prince of darkness

You have no power here

You have no power, you have no power here

You have no power, you have no power here

Be gone

We speak with the voice of ten million souls crying

This war that you make is not ours

You sit at the left hand of those who are lying

Seducing with hypnotic powers

But now your stone cold heart has started rumbling

A song has risen free

And we shall not stop with the laughter and singing

til you have been swept to the sea


We run with the spirit that moves through the city

The heart of the jungle is whole

The seekers of truth with the hot blood of youth

Together were never alone

When every heart has finally found the courage

To love with all its might

The chains will be broken, the doors will burst open

And we shall know the power of the night


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