Nylons - That Kind of Man

Текст песни Nylons - That Kind of Man

People say Im a happy go-lucky guy

When the music and wine start to flow

I go to discos and gay cabarets

Unable to let myself go

Some people live to be the life of the party

Lampshade hat and theyre away to the races

So many people loving so many lovers

Takin everybody to some strangers place

Dont get me wrong Ive had my share of affairs

Ive had some hot nights singin one night stands

But right up front I think its only fair

To tell you Ive got different plans


Thats not the way I am

Im not that kind of man

Its not that I am shy

Im just not that kind of guy

So if you feel the same

Youre tired of playing games

Then try to understand

That Im not that kind of man

A lot of people take their loving too lightly

They change emotions like theyre changing their clothes

They come alive and thrive on new lovers nightly

How they do it I dont know, cause


If you see him standing on the edge of the action

You think hes only playing it cool

Hes only looking for a little sweet satisfaction

Im tired of being somebodys fool

So if you spot me on the fringe of the party

Holding up the walls with hot and hungry eyes

Dont be afraid to say hello to a stranger

You just might like your surprise


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