Nylons - What is It Worth

Текст песни Nylons - What is It Worth

These days are going by so fast

All war no love is driving me mad

All thats real seems to disappear

One minute gone one minute here

Compassion is what we all need

This flower garden gives me peace

Sincerity is what I plead

Just join hands

Jump and shout with me

Do do do-do do...

What is it worth

What is it worth

What is it worth without peace, love and

What we all see is a better world

Just throw your hands up

Testify it works

Just get in touch

It comes from the heart

Lets heal old wounds

Lets start to live in the light

That shines so bright

Forever, loving, brothers and sisters

Its alright - its alright

Lets love the children

Teach them to understand

That they can make a difference

Before the bomb falls in their hands

Enough of this destruction

To the powers that may be

Come on lets fill our hearts

Come on release me

Let the spirit take you

It will change your way

Lets take it to the house

Where music, joy and love

Set us free

set us free today or the next day, whenever

(now) Im thinkin about my children and the

Man pushin the button, droppin the bomb

Makin and breakin and shakin a takin a takin

A nation in his arms

What is it worth life after life day after day

Of subjective wrong and right

All the needs and the hopes and the dreams since the

Dawn of the earth

But now, tell me, what is it worth...without peace

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