Obstacle Illusion - Leann

Текст песни Obstacle Illusion - Leann

Leann @2002 Obstacle Illusion


I step out on the sidewalk
And make my way down this deserted street.
I lean against a lamppost,
fixated by the glow around my feet.

I hang my head and I begin to cry.
Why oh why did you go Leann?


Leann, Leann I don't understand why the Lord came back so soon.
Leann, Leann. Tell him if you can.
That I can't live without you.


I guess I should've listened
when you spoke about the grace of God.
But I was Just to busy
climbing up the ladder at my job.

And now I'm stuck here in this Babylon.
I turned my head... you were gone, Leann(Chorus)


I've been left behind
but I'll try to find the meaning of it all.
And I'll keep your words here in my heart
while I'm waiting for his call. (Chorus)

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