Ocean Colour Scene - so low

Текст песни Ocean Colour Scene - so low

If anyone rises at 6.31

And fakes all day that

Theyre having their fun

They never did get it right

Since they got it so low

To anyone drinking the morning away

The afternoon will prove a mistake

They never will get it right

Now theyve got it so low

And we laugh and we drink

And we teach ourselves not to think

(and we find it hard not to think)

We never did get it right

Since we got it so low

To all the faces that

Freeze for you there

In your memory when you try not to care

They never disappear down the slow road

For all of those people

Who bleed by the side

And split from their tongues

And sharpen their knives

They never will get a life now

Theyve got it so low

Repeat chorus

Cornfields and pig-tails and

Fish in the stream

The night that the boys stole

A billion dollar dream

From the high jinx school

For girls down the road

Stories are smoke trails

And some may be true

Youre listening to me

But Im talking to you

I hope you never fall from grace

If you get it so low

Repeat chorus (x2)

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