Odg - DEMO

Текст песни Odg - DEMO

[VERSE 1: MNi]
I'm livin life how I've been living good
I'm so ferocious you should notice
You treat me well but I'mma go and I'mma give you hell
Ill pop ya top like some Advil
I will metaphorically kill
You retarted jump in shark food my life's vivid skipped art school drawn guns meet my arsenal
I be the quickest with this time to witness the sickness we are the illness turn your swag on we are the
Kill switch
Time to slow down
Mark my words like territory
Cross the line get snub nosed, I don't rap bout how I fuck hoes, high life surrounded by Lows
Haters want Nunavut, Canada
I ain't better than a veteran but then again I'm so sick I don't need medicine
Isn't it evident these others are irrelevant f them all hope they ain't celibate

Tell Sierra to get out the mist this is what I do
If its crunch time then I am nestle' the best to be you will not rest in peace

Only wearing hilfiger fuck wit me get killed quicker
#1 seed im the root of all evil, fam sayin' "no one can beat you"
Stepped my game up almost at cloud 9
Brain stormin' while i shine seems a bit asinine
I kill verses they so diverse own class im so honered
My meta will cause a vendetta that won't end uh-p
The way you wanted pay homage and ill make some change
We grew a bond with out stocks on the way to kick rocks dub your self stock
Your way to generic take your money and go spend on a beach and steal a flow
My sound waves wet sooo, i surf it so sick of these others im allergic

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