Of Montreal - Labyrinthian Pomp

Текст песни Of Montreal - Labyrinthian Pomp

How you wanna tag my style when I am so superior?
How you wanna hate a thing when you are so inferior?
How you wanna mess how you wanna mess my spotless interior?
Let's just say you are not the destroyer

I've got my bright girl near me
She's so much taller with a crisp endorsement from the C.C.A.A. Booty Patrol
She's so meta, references Stendhal
Shares my strange urge to smash a window in every house on our block

Delinquent days are here again

I've got my georgie fruit on
He's my dark mutation for my demented past time

Giving replicators somewhere to go
But we're authentic
You can test my talons against your cursive body
But the controller sphere has disappeared and it hurts

It's like to disappear for ever but I'm not afraid

There's two gods for every one, one, two gods for the beasts
An hour dead deflects our eggs on latitude 01 degree
I trusted you no don't explain
Moving in clipped tempos making sad dreams of the flags
Appearing crazy how the symbolism works, don't look at them

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