Of Montreal - Sing You A Love You Song

Текст песни Of Montreal - Sing You A Love You Song

Before the laughter and the cheer disolves into his memory, taste of vodka on his lips, and thoughts of murder and doom, her eyes appeared to bloom, he wanted to touch them but was afraid she taken aback then what would he say?

They walked to the garden in the park when it was empty after dark then spread out a blanket and laid down and a voice said, No one else could hear. He whispered in here ear, Although I can't sing it now, be still..some day baby I will.. sing you a love you song.

She rolled over and a kiss laid softly on his chin and said, You know maybe there's a chance that your feelings you've mistook or have presently overlooked... You say you don't love me, but yet perhaps you just forget that you do.

He said that, I love you please believe the only matter of concern is that your love will oneday fade. If that should happen I would die, and that's the reason why I know I can't sing it now but be still cos some day baby I will sing you a love you song....

She said, How could you question when the root of my affection is so plain and obvious? It grew from the overwhelming pleasure of just being near you and now bring in doubts and they are smothering our love!

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