Officer Negative - American Dream

Текст песни Officer Negative - American Dream

They brainwashed and programmed you right from the start
Feeding you full of lies
They told you that money's the key to success
And happiness is what it buys
You don't understand that you've been deceived
You feel in the trap of greed
Now look at yourself corrupted in wealth
And weeping on your knees

American Dream (4x)

What's wrong with you why are you confused
I thought your life was great
Financial stability you have no humility
And emptiness you can't fake
So why do you struggle for temporary peace

And materials that just don't last
The hole in your heart will tear you apart
And destruction will come to past

That's the dream of America
That's the dream we won't be (4x)

Now don't you see that hope in money
Is life's uncertainties
Cause God is the one who richly provides
More that just our needs
He gave us his Son, the emptiness is done
For all who just believe
So now that you know your life has to go
And Christ you must receive

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