OFFSET - Uon Want Problems

Текст песни OFFSET - Uon Want Problems

Im plugged in like Verizon
Margelas cost a thousand
Bad bitch from the islands
Young niggas they wildin
Louie luggage Im stylin
Dont make me be violent
Im all about my profit
Im posted with the pocket rocket

Uon Want Problems x12

Verse 1:
Uon want problems with this 30 round clip on my hip
Fat pockets looking like Norbit
These bitches ain't bout shit, girls gone wild showing they tits
Molly Molly got that bitch twerking like Miley Cyrus
My wrist sick it got a virus, bricks on the boat like pirates
This gun is not licensed
My pockets fat, you on a diet
I got molly come try it
Dont run up on me take advice bitch, bullets have ya body hot like Niacin
I was broke, i remember no titans
What ya doing bitch? Suck it, dont bite it
7-4 GD, We Righteous
Road to riches, lean is killing my kidneys

First of all, gotta say free all my niggas
Big bro doing 15 years, thats a long ass sentence
Cried at the court date, I dont give a fuck
You can say I was in my feelings
Uon want no problems, my young niggas solve em, they gremlins


Verse 2:
Giuseppe shoes with the gold buckle, trapping 20 years you a old hustler
Something ain't right, get a new formula
Birds singing like Monica
Middle finger to the your honor, death before dishonor
Dont fuck with those who snitchin, for a young nigga hit you with the clip
You dont want beef, cause we will eat
Molly got me grittin my teeth, Molly got me can't go to sleep
First 48, Y.D.G. killed the beat
I got 10 bricks in the Cherokee, her ass is fat like Cherokee
Vegetarian love my broccoli and celery, etc
Im smokin gas and ridin round in a Bentley cause Im extra...ordinary
You tellin lies, nigga you a fairy
Bad bitch with the short hair, and she look like Halle Berry
You dont want no problems and nigga you scary


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