Ogulate - Esty Why Espy

Текст песни Ogulate - Esty Why Espy

Don't laugh at a lepper
Laugh at the guy dipping chips in his neck
Slow down you spicy pepper
Don't watch your language but hey! what the heck
Everytime the Bathroom stalls?
Why'd you have to go an' make things so constapated?
Do snowmen have three balls?

And if it isn't spicy, make it zesty
And if he isn't icy, make him Esty
And why
Did he guessed he messed his Nestea?
Did he test his nasties lest he?

He just says that it's the best of me
The Besta Me

Specially made and specially traded
Merry Halloween he said to everyone he know
The faults he made were greatly over-rated
My name is Ry an' I'm an El Camino

Don't it matter to Ry if things go sly?
Why is talking just masterbati
Verbal diarrhea is a symtom of 'why'

And It's 'ecially' without the 'SP'
And it's not complete without the Espy
And Why
Did he guess pee dressed his Nestea?
Did he test pee lest pee messed he?

He just says that it's the best of me
The best of me

Better than the rest of me
I'll never slow down you see
Don't underesta me
I'll never S.D.Y.S.P.

For the record: Avril is cool

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