Oi Polloi - Anarcho Pie

Текст песни Oi Polloi - Anarcho Pie

pastry mixed veg red bean courgettes walnuts cashews tomatoes mushrooms!! let's make a tasty anarcho-pie - ace vegan food for you and i let's make a tasty anarcho-pie - ace vegan food for you and i take eight ounces of pastry and, leaving a little bit aside, roll out two equal portions each a quarter inch thick. then use one of these to carefully line the bottom of your chosen pie dish. cook the ingredients for the pie filling separately and then place these inside the pie dish on top of the pastry base. wetting the top of the edge of the pastry base, affix the pastry cover to the anarcho-pie. now comes the important bit: using the spare bits of pastry, decorate the top of the pie with a pastry anarchy sign - symbolising our never-ending resistance to the omnicidal system that perverts our lives. after baking the pie in the oven for between thirty and thirty five minutes at approximately four hundred degrees farenheit it should be ready fir serving and by this time should have developed a good crust! mmm... uurrgh, i don't like mushrooms howay, pass them over - i'll have them aye, this pie, this pie's barry - it's almost as good as - as a singing hiney man! mmm... mmmm... alright john eh aye? aye barry! that's what it is - pure canny! uurgh, i don't like walnuts i'll have them mmmmm... aye, ye canny baet this vegan food, ken? aye, vegan food oh, it's the best pure dead brilliant man, anarcho-pie rules, ken? aye how long does this go on for? who's doing the dishes? the wimmin! aaaahhh!! street cred gone! knife hi!! knife the anarcho-pie anyway aye man aye kin raj! aye etc.

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