Oi Polloi - Break The Mould

Break The MouldOi Polloi2:29

Текст песни Oi Polloi - Break The Mould

another adolescent suicide - cos you don't look the part killed by the glossy magazines that brainwashed you from the start photos of models in expensive clothes designer haircuts and arrogant pose rammed down our throats time after time their fashion is a violent crime fit in - conform - pressured from the start freak - failure - if you don't look the part fit in - conform - be what you're told freak - failure - if you don't fit their mould six stone four not an ounce of fat tv made quite sure of that eat your food can't keep it down be like the images all around laxative abuse life's so unfair can't go out got nothing to wear don't look in the mirror - it never lies can hide your body but not the pain in your eyes death diet death diet death diet - anorexia models on the page that we've all seen the ones on the adverts on the tv screen how come none look like you or me? they're trying to make us feel like freaks but their vision of perfection at which to aim is an airbrushed illusion you can never attain enough is enough we won't swallow the lie they're selling us a myth but we won't buy we won't conform - we won't even start we just don't care - if we don't look the part we won't conform - we won't be what we're told we just don't care - it's time to break the mould

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