Oi Polloi - Clachan Chalanais

Текст песни Oi Polloi - Clachan Chalanais

as a black night fast approaches dawn we gather in mist by the gnomon as the stones are struck by the suns first rays we feel the earthpower in our veins the awesome power that fills the stone we feel it in our minds and bones and as we dance around the ring joy fills our souls - we start to sing old power awakened and growing fast an awesome force from deep in the past but there are those who do not understand and the stones are desecrated by their hands. one such group of stones facing desecration at the hands of these people is the standing stone complex at callanish on the isle of lewis in scotland. sometimes referred to as the stonehenge of the north, this unique arrangment of stones is facing the same kind of rape that happened at stonehenge. there are now plans afoot to construct a hideous unsightly visitor centre there this ruining the whole aura of the place - along with the plans to build a bigger road and even to charge an admission fee. who are these people who in their arrogance that they can deny the people access to our owntemples? stone circles belong to all of us not simply to the powers that be. remember: these are same people who seriously considered carpetting stonehenge with astroturf and even considered constructing a plastic replica foamhenge beside real monument! such people are not fit guardians of these places. free the stones. free the stones.

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