Oi Polloi - Omnicide

Текст песни Oi Polloi - Omnicide

you resurrect the corpse of war you take the food from the poor you kill this planet, mine by birth your death machines stalk the earth you create famine for starving millions your air attacks upon civilians your state police to make us bleed you are the leech of corporate greed and you will suck the planet dry as long as those who care stand by not long now till all has died we watch the global omnicide the gulf war we now see portayed on our tv screens like an obscene video game is the inevitable consequence of the greed of big business and a system which sees all life as subordinate to profit, a system which has countless hapless men and women brainwashed, then burned, maimed and blown apart on the battlefield. no war but the class war your system - stench of death omnicide - earth's dying breat fight back - don't stand by don't let your planet die

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