Oi Polloi - We Don't Need Them

Текст песни Oi Polloi - We Don't Need Them

opened the paper what did i see? a load of complete rubbish staring out at me oi man killed so the headline read said one of oi polloi had wound up dead well we all knew that that wasn't true cos we're still here playing oi! oi! music for you no one of us had wound up dead hear our oi! oi! music pounding through your head we don't need them - we don't need them we don't need them - don't need to read them we don't need them - so don't believe them oi! is dead so the music press say they seem to think that we'll all just fade away seem to think that oi! is over and done but i'm telling you straight we've only just begun there's thousands of folk like me and you we're still here and we're still true they can try to ignore us or smear us with lies but we'll fight on and our spirit never dies the papers have always got it wrong they try to deceive they lie and they con just a form of brainwashing by the ruling elite so what you read you shouldn't always believe but there's alternatives in the music scene who needs rags like sounds when we've got our own zines? yes we've got our own press doing things our own way and as for rags like sounds i want to hear you all say:

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