Oi Polloi - You Cough/They Profit

Текст песни Oi Polloi - You Cough/They Profit

You cough - they profit
Well i thought it was about mutual respect
But your filthy smoke chokes me so am i incorrect?
With your pathetic sick habit you pollute my air
Have you no respect for others?
No, you just don't seem to care
I don't like your selfish attitude one little bit
You're just a hypocrite
Animals die in the laboratory
Forced to smoke over thirty a day
Don't think you can ignore them 'cos they got no voice
Cause only you can stop it - only you have the choice
Like it or not, they've murdered in your name
While you continue to smoke you must live with the blame

You think you're oh so sussed but there's something that you've missed
And the big tobacco businessmen are laughing at this
Yes, you actually pay to ruin your health
While you suckers abuse your body
They're just making more wealth
You cough - they profit
You choke - they profit
You die - they profit
You cough - they profit
Have you got the strength of will to stop it?
I know you've got the strength of will to stop it.

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