Oingo Boingo - Piggies

Текст песни Oingo Boingo - Piggies

Piggy met baby in a disco bar
Baby said, what a cute little piggy you are
when he took one look at her rocket tits
he smiled real wide and said Baby, you're it

Piggy said baby won't you come with me
my little place is three steps away
Piggy gonna take us both to paradise
he said Come on little baby, won't you please be nice

So Piggy and Baby sauntered into his crib
said, here it is baby, this is where I live
won't you take a load off, can I fix you a drink
baby turned real slowly and said, Piggy you stink

Piggy said baby, do you have a smoke?
Baby said no, she was tryin to quit
Piggy was speechless for a couple of beats
when his jaw dropped open and he said... shit

Now Piggy and Baby had some swingin times
and though piggy was stupid,
baby sure didn't mind
baby said, lets go straight to the stars
and Piggy said
huh? .... whatever

Baby and Piggy took a walk in the park
it seems that Piggy was in kind of a fix

he owed seven bills to a couple of sharks
who were gettin kind of itchy in their finger-tips

So they figured it was best to clear out for a while
Piggy had lots of friends, or so he would boast
and his little piggy habit was kind of out of control
so they packed up his Lincoln, and head for the coast

Baby started smokin again on the way
Piggy's little habit was making him sweat
so they stopped off in Vegas for a couple of days
to scam some cash up and make a few bets

They went and shacked up in a place on the strip
Piggy made some calls and Baby got sick
Baby turned to Piggy with a desparate plea
C'mon Piggy, you know what we need

But the problem, you see, was that they were broke as shit
so Piggy asked Baby if she'd turn a few tricks
she argued at first, but she finally agreed
with a couple of shiners, she hit the street

Now Piggy felt good, and piggy felt mean
and Piggy was high on his self esteem
so he pulled out his piece, in front of a cop
but the cop said Fuck you and Piggy got popped

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