Oingo Boingo - something isnt right

Текст песни Oingo Boingo - something isnt right

Once in a lifetime something happens no one understands
Turns the whole world inside out, turns water into blazing sand
Who in the world who ever guess that something wasn't right
Who can explain when the sun comes up in the middle of a winter night

I'm burnin' up now baby
I'm burnin' up now baby, baby please

Who would have guessed that when I first set eyes upon your face
History would be rearranged and nothing would ever be the same
Who would believe that in my heart is a piece of burning coal
Slowly turning from a fire to a raging blaze without control

I'm burnin' up now baby, I'm burnin' up now baby
I've seen so much, it scares me
I can't cool off cause something isn't right

What do you think would happen if I sat outside your door
Howled like a dog and played guitar and begged you baby, baby please
How do you think your folks would feel if I broke into your house
Snuck in your room while you were asleep
And prayed to you down on my knees t right

Who in the world would ever guess
That somewhere in the middle of our cozy nest ?
There were dark things lurking in the back of your mind
Just open the window and look with your eyes ?
Where in the good book does it say
That destiny cannot be changed
Who in the world would ever know
If you walked out the door and never came home
Cause something is not right

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