Okkervil River - Hanging From a Hit

Текст песни Okkervil River - Hanging From a Hit

[Verse 1]
What this night wants is what it gets
Strung in silken knots
Lit by cigarettes flaring side by side
With the streets all wet
As the only thing that's bright

[Verse 2]
And I don't need to cross that bridge
I find I'm swinging or sailing over the pit tonight
I'm hanging from a hit tonight
Was wild enough to order up and toss across my lips

[Verse 3]
What's making all my tears
Is taking all my fears away
But I don't need to cry
Because now I'm clear

[Verse 4]
A moth that's swerving through the sage
A creature crashing from a cage
A shadow vaporized by a new sun ray

[Verse 5]
A day she spends the night
And I can hear her sighing
As she's almost asleep on one side
I lie back on my pillow
And ask what her husband is like

[Verse 6]
And she says, "I smile polite
And I tip and tithe

And I see the sights with a well-trained eye
But I calmly cry
Because I'm too much mine without him

[Verse 7]
And I lie, reclined where the room is quiet
And it's quiet at night
The soft silk is fine
And the waves are white
But the wind has died without him

[Verse 8]
And I scream my smiles
And I want my wires and I need my stripes
And I read the lines until I lid my eyes
And I'm losing time without him

[Verse 9]
And she says
And I ignite inside
And I flash with fire
And I limp from life
And I'm blazing blind
And I'm surging live
And give up my mind
When with him

[Verse 10]
And then every dream inside
Turns to flames, fades to grey and is dying
And the smoke rises into
A white, blank, bare, broke-open sky

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