Okkervil River - Lay of the Last Survivor

Текст песни Okkervil River - Lay of the Last Survivor

[Verse 1]
She went out and found
Her father face down on the ground
Out in the cold

[Verse 2]
She walked her way around
A hill with the sun sinking down
Into the snow

[Verse 3]
All the whitecaps of the waves slap
Like last hand claps
And the dark water dies in a crash
Is sucked back with a moan
And the smoke on the coast

[Verse 4]
Oh, piled fathers
Soft, sighing daughters
Where does it go?

[Verse 5]
It's a dream, now
I'll describe
Let your mind drift on down, like so

[Verse 6]
To when the world was young
A big sky, blue of a dead bachelor's tongue
A new bloom on the rose

So some line someone told says
Even light can get old

[Verse 7]

Oh, slobbering lovers
Drink-clinking brothers
They don't have to tell us, cause we know

[Verse 8]
What a way down
What a ride, what a slide spin-around
What a life to have known

[Verse 9]
What a time
And how I was singing out in a crowd
Of the thousand most frightening faces I've known

[Verse 10]
And when the lighthouse
Lending us sight finally went out
What a fright we felt
In that night

[Verse 11]
Friends just shout it out
All the whys and don't knows
All the cries in our throats
And how right we felt

[Verse 12]
With our eyes tightly closed
Holding something we broke
And then whimpering sisters
Sobbing well-wishers
It's over

Just let my hand go

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