Okkervil River - Song Of Our So-Called Friend

Текст песни Okkervil River - Song Of Our So-Called Friend

Remember when our so-called friend would not call out to you
While tumbling loosely out a hole punched through your home?
It's pretty clear, though you could hear, you truly finally knew
In time, he'd tell his tale the way he'd like it told
Now he isn't on the phone, and his story might as well be so
Well, loving is as loving does
And I'd say we should know, because we both have loved, have lost, and are alone
Your face's falling tears, to me they're lovely and they're dear
Though you don't love me and it's clear that I will never see you in my arms
There's no room in your heart for even this finely-sharpened dart

Although I had started to think there might be hope, it isn't so
So wake up, make up some new song again around the same tune
The water cools, the leaves they fall, the sun it bends, the summer ends
Our so-called friend doesn't need you. So proceed out the door and down the street
December's lying near, but in the oven's heat this house is now a home
Sixty days of trips and stays you took to tell me, dear
That you cannot love me because you secretly still love a stone
Although I put my lips to your face, trying to push his kiss out of its place
Although my heart started to race, now it has slowed, I'll let it go

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