Okkervil River - Wake and Be Fine

Текст песни Okkervil River - Wake and Be Fine

Someone said to me, "I'll come into your dream
And speak it to you." I already knew
I found her in an attic where, dramatically, she leaned in to me
And she whispered these lines:

"Wake and be fine
You've still got time to wake and be fine."

Embracers meet with more embracers on the street
Say, "Hold me, dear stranger. Grab on to me.
We're carrying our years around us, or they're chasing down us
We're all here at the same time

Can we wake and be fine?
We've still got time to wake and be fine

Villains on the creep and killers in the crowd
Are carving apart our childhood house
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Lovers in their sheets, dreaming lovers sweetly
Turn in their sleep all under sunbeams.

Everybody's crashing, running, calling out the coming
Of things they kind of can see.
Someone said to me, "It's just a dream.
Why don't you wake up and you'll see? It's fine."

In those miles racing over endless fields of snow
You already heard, you already know
The rescue party finally lost their hearts
And then they shattered their bones, and then they died all alone

The ships all float from beaches by themselves
Above the hot afternoons. (Goodbye, you balloons!)
Adrift above indifferent clouds. Our hearts are crashing loudly
On some rock where the gulls whine, "Wake and be fine."

We've still got time to wake and be fine, oh
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine
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