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Текст песни Ol Dirty Bastard - Straight from Lockdown (Stand Up Remix)

* bonus track on international versions of album

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Straight from lockdown... don't you bother me, don't you bother me
Ol' Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, old school style
Roc-a-Fella, Wu-Tang

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
You nothin' but fallen stars, I see it on ya'll
Appear bizarre, Ol' Dirty boulevard
I've known global law, take his head Ceasar
Got babies like caviar, growin' evening star
God bless the dead, Tupac Shakur
You can't divide war, this slim galore
Arabian flow, at nine a gigolo
With a bad hot hoe, only cocaine up the nose
Incognito, defeat me, how so?
Rap K'd O, money green playin', go
Long ago, Protect Ya Neck video
Made me blow, on rap radio
Record sales overflow, set up in Ontario
Kill the Navajo, bustin' pistacchio
On a high plateau, the shit's a rodeo
How I bully the shit, and make this nigga blow

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard]

Call me Osirus, lyrical virus
Ol' school fire, straight from lockdown
Wu-Tang veteran, straight from lockdown
O.D.B., now with Roc now

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I rock a forty block, I shit mash dead lock
I'm bitches as peacock, you can't hold the money block
Unorthodox, know his ice, by quotin' 2Pac
Rap box, who do you think solid by, movin' chicken pox
Who walk knocks, equal not
The slickest movin' the hot, on your boom box
Sold major xerox, pussy is remote control
Cuz of the bank role, M.C.'s more black hole
My pockets cholesterol, pussy arouser
Take 'em off like trausers, the eyebrowser
Moses, move like Jehovah, rappers a four-leaf clover
Get this money, like Oprah, in the yellow range rover, push over
Sippin' in our frozen, like I'm ship closing
Til you see fucked up, cuz I'm exposing
All this Wu-Tang shit, comin' at your war
Moving see-saw, on the Billboard charts, ya'll

[Chorus 2X]

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