Old Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded

Текст песни Old Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded

Y'all no nothing about the pimp game,

I wanna thank Rick James for letting me do this song

Thank you very much

Who are you?(who are you?)

Girl who do you belong to?

My point of view is

Girl I think you're hot!

If we halt

What words will I describe

There's no dictionary book

To explain how you look

Because I think you're hot!


Sexy, sexy, sexy

Cold Blooded!

Girl I think you're hot!

Sexy, sexy, sexy

Cold Blooded!

Who are you?

Girl what's your name and number?

Is it true?

Girl you think I'm hot!

If we tried

To get to know each other

You might find

You couldn't trade me for another!

Cause I think you're so!


Sweetheart baby,

Touch me girl where I want to me touched

Don't ever complain, gotcha in a cobra clutch

Love me tender, love me sweet

I wanna bust this nut in a superfreak

Oh you're a superfreak, fuck me anywhere

Great skin never do a do or dare

I wanna undress you, hold your loosie tight

And i won't cum all night!

(Chorus til fade)

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