Olivia Newton-john - Fine Line

Текст песни Olivia Newton-john - Fine Line

(B. Gibb/G. Bitzer)

Now I like the way you move
Anyway that you make it work
And you offer something new
And the doorway is open for me
Now a man needs a woman
And I know that for me is true
And life, we got too much reality
There's gotta be other things to do

Me electrify you
Simply mystify you
Very strange but nice
Now somebody wrong
And somebody right
And somebody else
It's either one thing or the other

It's a fine line between talking and giving
It's a fine line between dancing and making love
It's a fine line

I can see the possibility
Anyway that you wanna be
We all got secret emotions
Anytime after the midnight hour
Now love, don't get short on the action
Anyway, you got the energy
My heart is a part of the plans you made
You're the star of my sexual fantasy

Me electrify you
Simply mystify you
Hope you stay all night
I'll have you for dinner or breakfast in bed
Either way I get you
For the worse or for the better

It's wild, it's weird, it's what we think about
This ain't no strip club, shame on you, 'cos
You know somebody that
Got a bead on what you need
Don't sacrifice your love
You analyze, don't minimize
What only you can rise above now
I know that, don't you think
I know you're watching me
You got no claim to make
Well, that's no excuse
And I know the truth
You got brain-drain
Long as there's a game to play
Sad but there's only one fool to blame

You don't think my love should tie you down
I say love can turn your groove around
Watch me please you
Watch me play your game
Someday love will make your water flow

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